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Senior Software Engineer in the GAIA Platforms unit

Job Description

Date: Nov 15, 2019



Job Summary
Ericsson Global AI Accelerator (GAIA) is a unit that has been set up to accelerate our AI and Machine Learning capability. This central unit is chartered with the responsibility of building a high-end competence center that brings together a team of high-end Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers and Machine Learning Architects towards the goal of enhancing Ericsson’s products and services portfolio with AI capabilities.
Within GAIA, the GAIA Platform is an internal data science environment that is being built to accelerate Ericsson’s ML and AI development initiatives. The Platform unit is tasked with designing, engineering, operating, enhancing and maintaining a core system that delivers AI/ML software/services, e.g. CI/CD, notebook experimentation (Jupyter), model catalogues, workflow engines, and ML frameworks (i.e. TensorFlow) for easy consumption by developers, corresponding to platforms at other companies: FB Learner Flow, Uber Michelangelo, Airbnb Bighead.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer in the GAIA Platforms unit.

In this role, you will:
•    Develop/integrate/automate a core AI/ML software environment, in close collaboration with data scientist users/developers
•    Operationalize open source software components by integrating monitoring, security, and reliability functionality.
•    Setup and perform system testing of AI/ML systems, including networking and security components
•    Interact with and engage the user community (data scientists, data engineers, software engineers) to define a feature roadmap for this environment
•    Produce software assets, IPR, potentially contribute to open source, and author papers
•    In early stages, bootstrap operations/SRE of platform elements

You have:
•    Bachelors/Masters in Engineering from a global reputed educational institution. MBA or equivalent Post Graduate Diploma would be an added advantage 
•    10+ years of experience in Software Engineering and Distributed Systems
•    Proven track record of having delivered production grade software,  
•    Proven track record of modern software dev/test/deploy technology and languages (e.g. Go and Rust)
•    Experience with operating large-scale systems
•    Familiarity and understanding of the full Data Engineering and Machine Learning development and deployment workflow, for example, Apache Spark, Flink, Jupyter, Tensorflow, PyTorch.
•    Strong ability to see the big picture and to focus on important details in a pragmatic and result oriented way with ability to challenge when needed
•    Proven ability to act at both the strategic and operational levels 
•    Strong partnering skills, with the ability to work across all levels of the organization and across multiple countries, effectively collaborating with multiple stakeholders 
•    Excellent people management skills to attract motivate and retain talent 
•    Excellent communication skills 
•    Experience with engaging with customers (internal and external) 
•    Knowledge of well-known business practices in different domains 
•    Coaching & Mentoring Skills 
•    Negotiation Skills 
•    Independent, self-motivated and well organized with an analytical mind 
•    Demonstrably trustworthy (thru reference checks)
•    Strong sense of duty and initiative 
•    Fluent spoken and written English is a mandatory requirement


Please note that due to GDPR we cannot accept applications sent to us via e-mail. Feel free to send your application in English saying a word about your motivations and outlining how you meet the requirements of the position.