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MSIP Operations Assurance

Job Description

Date: Nov 13, 2019

We are looking for a member to be part of our Managed Services team! As a part of our MSIP Operations Assurance, you will play a key role in managing the delivery of services and resources on our “live” customer network, broadcast platform and/or IS/IT infrastructure.

Based on our customer’s network specifics, you will ensure the coordination of our technology integration deployment, the quality of the implementation, the adequacy of the testing procedures and tools, the proper acceptance and the smooth handover to our operations team according to Ericsson’s and the customer’s network particularities and requirements.

Responsibilities & Tasks: 

General agenda and deliverables

  • Delivery Operations as per contract and respective lots. Managing all delivery organizations to deliver E2E service. SPM, TPM, DG agenda, MBTS, Electrometers, cooperation and workflow between customer and Ericsson teams, Improvement plans,
  • KPI/SLA delivery,
  • Negotiating with a customer,


Governance delivery towards customer

  • Biweekly Operational meeting:
    • SLA/KPI deliver,
    • Critical situation,
    • Operational inputs from the customer,
    • Operational inputs from Ericsson,
    • Improvements, processes, workflow adjustments,
    • Negotiating with a customer,
    • Miscellaneous,
  • Regular meetings with vendor management to adjusting cooperation, mitigate issues or identify the potential of risk,


KPI/SLA delivery

  • Over 30 operational KPIs,
  • Weekly analyze, improvement,
  • Weekly KPI report preparation,
  • All consequences, improvements APS to be negotiated, implemented,



  • Customer:
    • Vendor management,
    • SMC team,
    • OSK engineering,
    • Other minor contacts,
  • Internal:
    • MSCOO
      • Requirement for KPI delivery, green as now,
      • Process adjustments, as per contract Ericsson to follow customer processes,
      • Improvement plans - processes, cooperation,
      • Efficiency increase and savings delivery,
      • Delivery according to the planned financial model, savings proposals are required,
      • Operational financial monitoring, planning,
      • Supporting contract/change management process, 
    • MSIP Deployment
      • Cooperation in overlapping areas,
      • Operations are influenced by Deployment,
      • Deployment is participating in IM process,
    • Delivery organizations managers - FSO, Deployment, NOC,
      • Improvements plan,
      • Monitoring to delivery as per contract end - to - end,
    • Automation project,
    • Other peers according to the upcoming project assignment,


Key Competences:

  • Deployment and integration delivery management,
  • Change management,
  • Release and deployment management,
  • Efficiency improvement management,
  • Delivering results and meeting customer expectations,
  • Analyzing,
  • Deciding and initiating action,
  • Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking,
  • Persuading and influencing,
  • Relating and networking