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Head of Cloud Services Innovation

Job Description

Date: Nov 8, 2019

Ericsson Overview 
As one of the leading tech firms, Ericsson currently holds a unique position to drive change in an all connected world. How we grow and succeed long-term depends on our ability to change, transform and adapt to the world around us. We believe change is driven using disruptive technology, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use to accelerate productivity and innovation.
5G is enabling a new wave of innovation. 5G has the potential to change the world, further powering the hottest trends in tech today: IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality). Ericsson is at the heart of this development and is shaping this future.  Ericsson is now accelerating, and we are recruiting the team to fuel/boost this acceleration. We are currently looking at investing in key competencies in a few selected areas. 

Job Summary 
We want to grow our team within cloud, microservice, cyber security and the next generation network competences. We are establishing Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Microservices teams. All changes aim to increase our efficiency in developing and releasing new capabilities and services, and create an organization characterized by expert knowledge, business value outcome and innovation.

We believe you have experience with microservices, Kubernetes, containers, modern app development, virtualized networking, cybersecurity and/or modern cloud operations. We believe you can think innovatively, collaborate, and find comfort in solving ambiguous problems. We also believe you are highly technical, with a track record of applying technology to solve business problems.

•    Great team player
•    Proven leadership behavior, interest and desire to lead people
•    Ability to be proactive, acting as a change leader, result oriented
•    Interest and understanding of new technologies
•    Understanding of agile ways of working
•    Understanding of other parts of Ericsson
•    Strong communication skills
•    University degree

The selection and interview process is ongoing. Therefore, send in your application in English as soon as possible. For any questions and clarifications reach out to the Senior Recruiter, Valentyna Ivanova -