Mobile Networks Professional

Job Description

Date: Apr 16, 2019

Ericsson Nikola Tesla is in search of a candidate to fill a vacancy for:


Mobile Networks Professional (m/f)


We are looking for professionals with broad technical competence in mobile network audits and network performance optimizations, with a comprehensive background in network troubleshooting & analytics. The individual must also possess strong business acumen, strategic mindset and overall knowledge on the mobile network and its functionality


ICT industry is changing. Networks and the associated technology are getting more complex and the demands from our customers to improve the end user experience are forever increasing. Moreover, our customers are demanding that services aimed at improving network performance and end-user experience are enabling them to meet their business objectives. To provide the industry with the necessary capability to improve the end user experience, the existing product-centric competence needs to be enhanced with a broader view.


Network audit and optimization Professionals need to possess a broader competence that goes away of the traditional product-centric competence and focuses on the activities that enhance what our customer´s end user´s want to experience when using their networks.


Network audit and optimization Professionals needs to have consulting mindset, in order to recognize what is of interest for the customer (mobile operator), to put this interest into service proposal and finally the ability to drive the service execution and deliver the results in way of audit report or network improvements, depending on agreed scope. Those professionals need to have the ANALYTICAL mindset and comprehensive e2e knowledge in order to the extent relevant information and dig into the problematic areas until the problem is isolated so that a solution can be suggested.


The main requirements for such a position are:


  • End to End knowledge of Services, covering devices, Applications, RAN, Transport, Packet Core domains, IMS and IoT
  • Experience in delivering E2E network Audit design & optimization services
  • Having the skills to highlight and correlate technical performance measurements of different functional areas of the network to the end-user perception
  • Deep knowledge in Telecommunication and IT standardization: Vast experience in problem-solving by Facilitation and Collaboration of expertise in Multivendor environment
  • Demonstrated skills to lead and resolve E2E network problems/Issues by collaborative efforts from multidisciplinary/ cross-domain experts
  • Deep data analytics knowledge (statistical analysis, statistical tools, probe data analysis Tools, methods/processes to analyze data, data correlation)
  • Deep technical knowledge in RAN and/or Core (The skills necessary if dropped in a “fire” to be capable of finding solutions to solve the issue)
  • E2E Troubleshooting and correlation of domain level analysis in a network for Root cause analysis
  • Very good knowledge in Service KPI acceptance criteria
  • Able to move away from the technical comfort zone (App. experience will force people to think in new ways and enter areas may be outside of the technical expertise)
  • Ability to communicate, articulate, present and influence the C-Level by knowing the impact of any action/service on their business. (Not only CNO and CTO but also CMO, CFO, and even CEO)
  • Able to understand customers business objectives and pain points and able to link them to service proposal




  • Only on-line applications will be taken into consideration
  • Croatian citizenship or work permit for Croatia


Candidates will be evaluated and contacted if they pass the initial screening.