Radio SW Lab - Developer

Job Description

Date: Jul 2, 2019

Job Summary:

We are looking for developers of laboratories at Radio SW. You will be a member of a team where we are responsible for the physical CI machinery for Radio SW and essentially the Network connecting the Radios so that the users can run on any one of them or several at the same time.

Your role will include test environment automation as well as maintenance of installed base. All development activities such as: requirement analysis, system design, architecture design, hardware design, software design, integration, verification, simulations, tools design is included to work with optimization of the capability and capacity of the lab


We develop the labs for future products, scan the market for new solutions, optimize for good efficiency and support the product development engineers to develop world class products. You will have the opportunity to work in multiple disciplines, Electronics, RF, HW, SW and IP NW. Your social skills are needed in interaction and communication with our Developers and other development organizations as we constantly seek better solutions and input to future products.


The team has responsibility from pre-study to user acceptance for new functionality needed in our CI machinery including e.g. framework development, tools alignment, LAB automation and HW development.

Evolve, Develop and maintain the CI machinery parts related to our LAB environment. Develop new automation concepts. Secure the connection between the radios and the test frameworks i.e. keep the IT infrastructure up and running, trouble shoot servers, routers and switches, network, develop and implement new architecture.


Key Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor of science or equivalent

Strong programming skills, Java


Strong knowledge in IS/IT, IP Networks, Virtual Servers, Firewalls security, Vlan,

Experience from Radio systems and Radio product development

Experience from agile and lean development like Scrum and Kanban

Service minded

Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills on radio, electronics and/or SW