vEPC LCM Workflow Developer

Job Description

Date: Mar 25, 2019

Introduction to PDU Packet Core, Virtualized Evolved Packet Core and MANO:

PDU Packet Core is a global R&D unit responsible for developing products and solutions for 4G/5G mobile communications.

The virtualized Packet Core portfolio addresses needs from traditional large scale mobile broadband and communication services down to specialized small-scale solutions designed for vertical and enterprise solutions on a single server, by utilizing the agility and flexibility brought by cloud technology.

MANO (management and orchestration) is an ETSI standardized framework for the management and orchestration in the cloud data center. It is a key part to enable flexible deployment, scaling and reporting in telco cloud.

Our main responsibility is to develop vEPC LCM for Packet Core, which is part of MANO solution. It aims to provide management and orchestration on node level on top of OpenStack and VMware.

Since year ago, virtualization is happening in global and local market. It is up to you to onboard and make it fly.


Experience and Critical Competence:

We are looking for a strong and passionate vEPC LCM designer, capable of operating in an environment of new and fast-moving technologies and trend-shifts. 

As vEPC LCM designer, you will work closely with product owner and in a passionate develop team. You will develop the new functionality together with all surrounding peers to make the solution work end to end. You will implement the feature in a best possible way. You could also work with customer to understand more about our end users.

As a successful candidate you have a competence on development as well as e2e solution understanding. You are result driven and always push yourself for excellence. In addition, you have a big interest to learn new technology and your curiosity which makes you and your team to grow.

The following skills and abilities are needed/wanted:

  • Self-motivated and ability to work independently
  • Strong programming skills, at least one of following language: Java & Python
  • Strong Team player with a drive to push for excellence
  • Concrete virtualization and cloud knowledge
  • Good understanding of MANO (management and orchestration) solution
  • Basic knowledge of Packet Core nodes and vEPC solution
  • Basic OpenStack or VMWare knowledge/hands-on experience
  • Basic knowledge of Linux/UNIX
  • General Datacom competence (TCP/IP, switching/routing)
  • UI design experience is a plus
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Good written and spoken English