Principal Architect in Traffic Handling for 4G5G RAN Development

Job Description

Date: Mar 1, 2019

As a Principal Architect in Traffic Handling you will be driving overall strategy for the traffic handling domain to secure different deployment scenarios.

You will drive actions needed to strengthen all traffic subareas and contribute to the implementation of high-quality concepts for complex functionalities with high efficiency.


Responsibilities & Tasks


  • Updating development plans to secure traffic functionality strategic evolution and presenting in the appropriate forum,
  • Ensuring coordination between all traffic functional sub-areas, e.g. Shared RAN, Mobility Management, Load Balancing, Positioning and Observability etc.
  • Driving innovation seen as positive change in traffic functionality, efficiency and quality e.g. machine learning,
  • Analyzing and proposing new architectural solutions to ensure efficient implementation of future traffic functionality,
  • Monitoring traffic characteristics to detect new opportunities or impacts in the domain,
  • Assuring close alignment with product line during feature development,
  • Coaching and mentoring study teams in driving technical issues to achieve high quality solutions,
  • Securing Ericsson’s technical leadership by monitoring industry trends, university contacts and research-related projects, sharing acquired knowledge by spreading it throughout the organization.


Position Qualifications


You should have the ability to think and work independent with both short-term and long-term objectives.

You should present strong strategic approach and open attitude towards innovations.

We expect you to be structured, well organized, have a strong drive and senior experience in telecommunication including:


  • Very good technical knowledge of mobile communication systems, preferably LTE and MS RBS,
  • 10+ years of experience in Radio Networks Development projects (preferably in the Traffic Handling domain),
  • 5+ years of experience as systems architect or technical coordinator (technical and managing skills needed),
  • MSc level in a Telecommunication discipline or the equivalent level of knowledge,
  • Passionate about telecommunication and building Networked Society,
  • Excellent language and communication skills - ability to present complicated and technical solutions, both writing and speaking, using fluent English,
  • Ability to identify and drive continuous improvement work, using strategic, long-term planning and technology trends,
  • Strong self-drive, perseverance and presentation skills,
  • Mentoring and inspiring attitude, being a basis for driving change in functional sub-areas
  • Lean & Agile knowledge and skills.


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The Product Development Unit (PDU) 4G&5G is responsible for development, release and maintenance of both 4G and 5G Networks.

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