Strategic Technology Manager in 5G RAN Network Architecture

Job Description

Date: Aug 10, 2018

Job Summary:

CUCM CTO Office is responsible for overall technology management towards China Mobile. We drive mid-term and long term technology innovation, collaborations and alignment with CMCC. We secure Ericsson technology leadership in strategic target areas with support from portfolio management, PDU and Ericsson Research. We create Ericsson technology strategy and lead the engagement plan. Our current target technology areas are 5G technology, cloud and virtualization technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI/Network Automations. As a strategic technology manager (STM), internally, you will play both as a technical specialist and as a technical coordinator with a cross organization expert team. Externally you need play as a strong and creditable technology advisor to customers on strategic issues and decisions.   


Currently we are looking for a Strategic Technology Manager in 5G RAN Network Architecture and Evolution to join the CUCM CTO Office, who will further develop Ericsson 5G Network architecture and evolution strategy to CMCC. It is an exciting opportunity to work closely with China Mobile, i.e. an ambitious and global leading operator in 5G, eMBB and IoT. Meanwhile you will be well connected with Ericsson internally in regional and global organizations.   



  • Develop Ericsson 5G mid-term and long term network architecture engagement framework and portfolio strategy to CMCC;
  • Leading a virtual expert team to conduct strategic study and simulations;
  • Coordinate and steer internal and external 5G network architecture and network evolution engagement;
  • Initiate and lead strategic technology joint study, trial and PoC to secure technology leadership;
  • Conduct network architecture lobby to C-Level customers and influence customer decision;
  • Support other network technology discussion in CMCC HQ and provinces;  



  • Master degree in Telecommunication, E.E. or related area, Ph. D would be advantageous;
  • At least 5-year experience in research and development;
  • Sounding knowledge in 4G/5G RAN technology and portfolio expertise in area of RAN;
  • Experience in standardization and knowledge in open source and AI would be advantageous; ,
  • Strong independent problem solving skill;
  • Strong communication and influential skill;
  • Team worker and quick learner.