Research Leader Job stage 8

Job Description

Date: Apr 8, 2019

Technical Leader in Cloud Systems and Platforms


A technical Leader in Cloud Systems and Platforms overlooks the technologies and trends in the area of future computing platforms, core cloud platform, cloud services and technologies for service deliveries. These areas are critical for the success in next generation of cloud based systems which will be a base for cloud based portfolio at Ericsson. These areas require a strong understanding of technologies and mechanisms needed for large distributed systems based on high performing computing paradigms as well as creating and exposing services that are critical for application performance.

In order to drive the adoption and realizing the full benefits of cloud, it is important to simplify and accelerate the development of cloud native applications which requires a deep and pragmatic understanding of software architectures, software design, and programming models in order to find the right abstractions mechanisms to use.

The Technical Leader we are looking for must have a holistic and in-depth expertise, as well as hands-on experience in creating complex software systems. The width and depth are essential in understanding the key issues, formulating the research, extracting the key insights and transferring results and recommendations to the product development organizations and customer units.


At Research Area Cloud Systems and Platforms we explore and build proof of concepts for new technologies in the areas of future computing platforms, core cloud platform, cloud services and technologies for service delivery. We work in global projects together with our researchers in Sweden, Finland, Hungary, India, and Canada. We focus on building easy to use and performant cloud platforms as the base of 5G, IoT and digitalization of industries.

We move fast and adapt quickly with the fast pace of the cloud systems and platforms, market and business demand.

Ericsson Research, ER, is the central research organization within the Ericsson group. We are about 700 researchers in nine countries with the central site in Kista, Stockholm. Our mission is to provide Ericsson with system concepts, technology and methodology, to secure long term competitive product provisioning. World-class innovation is achieved through cooperation within Ericsson and with partners, customers, universities and research institutes.


Job Description

As a Technical Leader you will:

·       Provide insights on relevant technical trends and how they could relate to Ericsson portfolio

·       Participate in defining the vision and mission of research area to respond to the mandate.

·       Define the technical gap for which new research projects should be initiated

·       Supporting building competence in the new projects and supervise the direction of new projects through their execution journey

·       Expand the external engagements to keep an accurate state of the art on relevant technologies.

·       Play a key role in technical quality review of the ongoing research project and suggest the potential adjustments  

·       Initiate activities and workshops to discuss future opportunities or evolution trends. The expert will also contribute in customer meetings bringing the needed technical competence.

·       Furthermore, the technical leader should create strong contacts with the ecosystem in the relevant areas and will actively collaborate with different universities to ensure a constant evolution of the technology and the creation of new competence in the area



·       PhD with experience as a technical leader, senior specialist or equivalent.

·       Experience in capturing tech trends, corelating them to product portfolio and identifying research gaps.

·       Experience in supervising research projects and technology innovation

·       Good technical and business understanding in the Cloud technology areas.

·       Excellent communication skills, people skills and an interest to work in a global setting.


Additional qualifications

·       Knowledge and experience with building system architecture as well as prototyping and proof of concept

·       Knowledge of large centralized data centers and smaller, geographically distributed data centers at the network edge.

·       Knowledge of heterogeneous mix of public/private data centers with various different scales and execution environments.

·       Knowledge of challenges for Cloud native application from developer’s perspective, building based on micro-service model, and function-as-a-Service.


Hiring Manager - Director Research, Cloud Systems and Platforms


Last date for application : 30th April 2019

Location: Kista, Stockholm

For queries related to the position please reach out to the Senior Recruiter - Valentyna Ivanova