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Ericsson Internship- São José dos Campos

São José dos Campos, Brazil

English (US)

Job Description

Date: Feb 5, 2019

Ericsson is now selecting young professionals who will work in the company in 2019. Through its Internship Program 2019 – My First Job, Ericsson aims to attract and invest in young high-potential professionals from all over Brazil to become future leaders of the company, operating in the unit of São Paulo


The vacancies for the selection process of Ericsson Internship are aimed at young people who are preferably attending the penultimate and last year of college in 2019 with bachelor degree in any of the following courses: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Administration, Economics and Information Systems.It is also required to have skills on Microsoft Office package and advanced level of English; Spanish is a plus.


The selection process of the Internship Program will have English test and interviews with managers. In this process it will be observed behavioral characteristics tied to the values of the company such as Respect, Professionalism, and Perseverance.


The benefits will be as follows: Grant Aid, Health, Dental and Life Insurance, Transportation Voucher, Onsite Restaurant or Food voucher (depending on the location).


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