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Senior Manager Technical Engineering - SL Optimize

Bangalore, India
Information Technology

English (US)

Job Description

Date: Mar 12, 2019

Job Reporting

Reporting to SL Optimize Head

Job Description

Senior Manager TE has the responsibility of managing high competent Technical Engineering team, which would be responsible to create solutions for new technology areas, get first hand knoweldge on new technology and product related services, resolve network performance issues, create algorithm for automation, etc..

Roles and Responsibilities

• Accountable for day to day engagement of TE members.
• Ensure very high technical capability development for the team.
• Responsible for people management, competence development and employee satisfaction within the given team.
• Work as interface to other functions, for the assigned scope.
• Ensure resolution of network issues with high quality.
• Line management of team members and ensure high engagement for all. Achieve very high employee feedback rating.
• Capability/competence development and team readiness to manage new technology deliveries and engagements
• Identify new technology areas to work on and guide the team on solutions and automation ideas.
• Promote Innovation thinking in the team. Improve Patent filings.
• Target Setting of team members, performance evaluations and annual salary reviews.
• Ensure a one-company approach within the unit, coordinate and maintain strong and positive relations with employees within the team.
• Ensure that all laws and regulations are followed by employees within own unit
• Drive special programs or responsibilities assigned by the management

Experience and Academic Qualification

General Competencies

People leadership
• Lead people towards goals and strategies
• Support the Units competence development
• Seen as an inspiring leader through actions. Inspire, energize and motivate employees to take responsibility
• Listen, share information and ensure impact and influence

Organizational leadership
• Secure clear roles and responsibilities
• Establish performance driven organization
• Collaborative mindset pursuing goals of larger organization interest
• Secure capacity (people and equipment)
• Cost management in everything we do
• Drive operational excellence
• Ensure clear communication through solid structure
• Secure safe and healthy work environment
• Establish and develop networks that benefit operations

Thought leadership
• Clarify the stakeholders and focus on their requirements
• Constantly challenge our ways of working
• Drive, lead and manage change
• Identify critical competences for the future
• Ensure Ericsson´s values and ways of working in the organization
• Drive and act as one Ericsson

• Thrives on curiosity
• Learn & Grow
• Show Flexibility
• Handles ambiguity and uncertainty 
• Demonstrate resilience

Business Leadership
• Focus and anticipate customer needs
• Build customer orientation
• Demands excellence
• Create business value
• Ensure outstanding performance

Technical Competencies

• 14+ years of experience as a leader/manager in a Network Engineering/services/operator/technology environment, with previous experience preferably in managing a Design & optimization organization
• Strong GRAN/WRAN/LRAN\VoLTE deep level expertise in Planning, Design and Optimization.
• Very good design thinking and automation knowledge.
• Good knowledge on 5G
• Senior subject matter expertise on operator network and understanding.
• Strong Technical Knowledge on Radio Access Networks, Transport networks.
• A detailed knowledge of Ericsson's existing and future product/services portfolio, roadmap information and system integration practices
• Skillful application of management information systems to the unit SDU Optimize.
• Extensive experience with the interpretation of quality indicators to detect weaknesses in the unit SDU Optimize and implement corrective action
• Customer orientation with excellent understanding of service provider’s / operator’s business requirements - be able to create true client value;
• Local labor market knowledge including but not limited to tax, employee rights and obligations, labor law.
Human Competencies

• Strong command over written & spoken English

• Bachelor or Master Degree within Electrical Engineering / Telecommunication Engineering / Computer Science / Computer Engineering or alternate

Job stage and location

• This position will be at job stage 7.
• Location : Positions can be based in Bangalore India.