Aspiring/System Architect - IP Transport

Job Description

Date: Apr 15, 2019



Ericsson Product Development Unit (PDU) Baseband and Interconnect (BI) develops hardware/software infrastructure and common functions for Ericsson Radio Base Station (RBS) - LTE, 5G and Multi Standard RBS.

We are organized in teams of System Developers/Architects with long term system architecture responsibility and E2E solution delivery.  Knowledge building and sharing, continuous improvement and innovation and  is part of the daily work. Currently we are looking for System Architect in IP Transport solutions (backhaul) area.


Responsibilities & Tasks 

  • Feasibility studies of new features of the Ericsson RBS
  • Ensuring the high quality of delivered technical specification
  • Requirements analysis and functional decomposition
  • Documenting functional requirements
  • Modeling SW behavior and high-level interface definitions
  • Design of system module and software architecture
  • Cooperation with Technical Leaders
  • Preparationof technical documentation
  • Evaluations and effort estimations
  • Close co-operation with SW development teams (XFTs)


We expect you to have:

  • Master of Science degree
  • Communication skills and ability to build relationships and driving skills
  • The ability to work independently and in team
  • Taking a logical and orderly approach to analyze problems, organize work and plan actions
  • Willingness to develop your knowledge to take lead in
  • Experience in at least one of:
    • IP Connectivity: Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, LAG, VLAN, VIP, ARP, NDP, DNS, ICMP, IGMPv3, MLDv2, PMTUD, TCP, DHCP, DHCPv6, SLAAC
    • Bridging:  BVI
    • IP Security:  Ipsec, IKEv2, VPN, ESP, NAT
    • Access Control Lists
    • Bearer Termination: SCTP, GTP-U, UDP, L2TP
    • IP Routing: Static, BFD, PBR, DHCP Relay, VR, OSPFv2
    • Quality of Service: PCP, DSCP
    • TWAMP
  • Radio Access Network (RAN) experience and interest is a plus
  • Knowledge of Ericsson MS RBS system and software is a plus