Learning Consultant

Job Description

Date: Dec 4, 2018

Job Summary: 

We are now looking for a Learning Consultant to provide proactive performance consultancy to business leaders to address competence needs and ensures continuous communication and visibility of learning opportunities and impact to drive a high impact learning culture. Lead Change Management in relation to competence. Work in partnership with unit Leadership Teams, competence drivers and other partners to secure competence and to increase performance. This by ensuring effective and efficient learning solutions are planned, developed and implemented at a unit, function and individual level with clear alignment to business strategies and job requirements.


  • Analyze performance and competence gaps and learning needs
  • Design and Develop learning solutions·       
  • Implement learning solutions
  • Evaluate learning solution impact
  • Improve learning practices (processes, ways of working, methods and tools)
  • Drive high impact learning culture

Key Qualifications: 

  • Education:  Bachelor degree in a business/technology field. A degree/qualification in a learning related field is desirable.
  • Learning and Development Methods Knowledge
  • HR Processes and Disciplines Knowledge
  • Project Management Skills
  • Business Understanding
  • Analytical skills
  • Presenting and Communicating Information
  • Deciding and Initiating Action
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office