Data Scientist

Job Description

Date: Mar 20, 2019

We are looking for a full-time Data Scientist for our Ericsson Expert Analytics team. A successful candidate will contribute to the overall direction of our Data Science practice and technically lead the deployments analytic tools for Ericsson Managed Services.
A Data Scientist will be responsible for end-to-end analytical project delivery and work closely with a number of stakeholders, including Customers and Tool Specialists. 



•    Work with customers to gather business and end user requirements, understand business setting and processes, translate needs to potential analytical models and applications. 
•    Perform data exploration, investigate data sources, develop candidate data integrations, perform descriptive statistics and measures of data quality, develop understanding of patterns and relationships in the source data.
•    Work with large data sets to clean, organize and unify them to prepare them for analysis. 
•    Develop analytic models based on Statistical techniques, validate models, compare and select among candidate models.
•    Develop visualizations and other means of presentation to communicate results to stakeholders and model users.
•    Design and deliver deployable analytics models, monitor their performance once deployed and adjust or replace as needed.



•    Master degree in: Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Quantitative Methods, Econometrics, Computer Science or related field. 
•    Minimum 2 years of experience performing advanced quantitative analyses and very good analytical and problem-solving capabilities
•    Good command of R or Python is preferred. Candidates with familiarity with other statistical software (IBM, SAS, STATISTICA, STATGRPHICS, STATA, MATLAB, KXEN, RapidMiner, Weka, etc.) will be considered
•    Experience with effective data manipulation (cleansing, transformation, automation of queries) 
•    Command of various analytical techniques applied to supervised and unsupervised learning, classification, clustering, regression, anomaly detection, association rules, feature learning, dimensionality reduction, etc.
•    Knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (MS SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle). Good working knowledge of SQL queries.
•    IP Network Design experience is desired.
•    Basic level of knowledge in Linux (RHEL) Administration
•    Basic knowledge in Scripting (Java, Scala and Bash Scripting)
•    Basic understanding of Virtualization
•    Basic knowledge in Hadoop ecosystem, HDFS (MapR), Zookeeper, Storm and Spark
•    Basic knowledge in OLAP database (Green Plum or Drill) and RDBMS (Postgres)




•    Working command of English is a must (both written and spoken)
•    Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills
•    Ability to work effectively both in the team-focused environment and independently



•    Multi-year, real world experience delivering Advanced Analytics/Data Mining projects
•    Experience with Visual Analytics, Geomarketing
•    Familiarity with Business Intelligence tools (Tableau, IBM Cognos, SAP BO)
•    Familiarity with telecom industry
•    Good understanding of ETL processes