Data Scientist

Job Description

Date: Nov 28, 2018

Purpose of the Job Role:

As a Data Scientist, you will need to have strong programming skills and deep understanding of data science and Machine Learning tools. Have proven experience in Data Science methodologies and how to apply them to solve challenging real-world problems as part of a highly dynamic and global team. You have strong communication, collaboration and planning skills. You will be working on high impact initiatives with other specialists in Machine Intelligence to drive growth and economic profitability for Ericsson and its customers by accelerating current Ericsson offerings as well create new offerings in the areas of MI driven 4G and 5G network, distributed cloud, IoT and other emerging businesses.

Responsibilities & Tasks:

Conduct functional and technical analysis within Ericsson organization and strategic customers to understand MI-driven business needs and opportunities

Contribute to rapid and iterative development of high quality ML/AI applications. This includes working with petabytes of 4G/5G-networks, IoT and exogenous data, and proposing/selecting/testing predictive models, recommendation engines, anomaly detection systems, statistical model, deep learning, reinforcement learning and other machine learning systems

Conduct studies and find creative usage of new and/or existing data sources. Work with Data Architects to leverage existing data models and build new ones, as needed.

Collaborate with product development teams and partners in Ericsson Businesses to industrialize machine learning models and solutions as part of Ericsson offerings including providing source code, workflows and documents

• Work with new technologies and champion them in MI Communities within Ericsson.

Assist MI Competence build-up in Ericsson Businesses and Customer Serving Units

Help to develop new and apply/extend existing, concepts, methodologies, techniques for cross functional initiatives

Engage with external ecosystem (academia, technology leaders, open source etc.) to develop the skills and technology portfolio for MI’s needs


Position Qualifications:


Strong skills in Machine Learning especially techniques such as Linear/Logistic Regression, Bagging, Bayesian model, Neural Networks, Random forest, Gradient boosting, Hyperparameter optimization techniques etc.

Proven skills and track record (Github, open source etc.) in the use of current state of the art machine learning frameworks such as Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, H2o, Spark etc. in developing ML/AI applications

Experience of data wrangling and data munging, using Big Data technologies

• Strong analytical skills and ability to acquire new knowledge and apply it in the job

Programming skills in various languages (C++, Scala, Java, R) with proficiency in Python and/or C++

  Good communication skills in written and spoken English

Creativity and ability to formulate problems and solve them independently

Ability to develop and drive new ways of working, to produce deliverables in a more efficient way