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C++ Developer - DBN ADP Developer

Budapest, Hungary
Research & Development

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Date: Dec 20, 2018

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Ericsson Hungary is looking for C++ Developers.




Our team is part of the "Middleware IP and OS" (MIPOS) development center in the PDU Component Development  (PDU CD).

We are responsible for developing components to one of our product: Component Based Architecture (CBA) that is used mostly by other Ericsson applications. These components are: eVIP, Database Services (DBS; holding DBN and DAS), vDicos and C-Diameter. 


All components are written in C\C++ (DAS and C-Diameter is written in C++ 11). 


Component Based Architecture (CBA): CBA is Ericsson's latest generation of strategic telecommunication platform.

  • Secures the services which were provided by previous platforms (fast, reliable, scalable cluster architecture, fast data access and flexible load distribution)
  • Based on standard APIs. (Often integrates "free and open source" software).
  • More and more applications of Ericsson (CUDB, MTAS, CSCF, DSC, CCN...) are running on CBA platforms, both native and virtual / Cloud environments.


In Hungary, we are looking for developers and system testers for the following components:


  • eVIP (IP loadbalancer): This component consists of programs written in C that resolve the distribution of IPv4 / v6 (UDP, TCP, IPsec, ...) traffic in the Linux based cluster. Thinking about distributed systems and knowing more IP protocols is useful. We apply our automatic tests in Python.


  • DAS (Data Access Service): DAS provides a database-agnostic data access service for other CBA components and for CBA applications. Developed following the latest C++ standards by a team of C++ enthusiasts. The team is also committed to follow the latest industry trends when it comes to software development methodologies.


  • DBN (DataBase Newgeneration): A distributed, object-oriented NoSQL, database management component implemented in C ++ that provides the fastest, fault-tolerant data access for applications running on Linux clusters.  DBN is developed in C++ under Linux using git and Jenkins, and is deployed on virtualized clusters. 


  • vDicos (DICOS virtual machine): Eco-system supporting development and runtime execution of telecom grade application business logic written in C++ targeting CBA based deployments (user applications: HSS, MTAS, CSCF, etc). It is the next generation evolution of the Ericsson Telecom Server Platform (TSP).


  • C-Diameter: Standard implementation of Diameter signaling management system for CBA components and CBA based application. Written in C++ 11 in a platform-independent way to easily support CBA and ADP architecture


  • We have already started to work with the implementation of the new generation of these components which will follow Ericsson’s microservice based cloud native architecture (ADP)


The above-mentioned components are being developed in Hungary, and we work together with Swedish colleagues on other components. In the latter case, shorter or longer trips to Stockholm can be expected.  Your task as a cross-functional member of our team will be to help maintaining and port the current CBA solution into a microservice-based architecture. Since we want to keep building an agile organization, our team members should be capable of writing code and test as well



We expect that you have solid experience and interest in more of the following areas:

  • strong programming and troubleshooting experience in object oriented C++ preferably on Linux
  • knowledge of STL container
  • experience in unit testing
  • understanding of distributed systems
  • deep interest in programming
  • ability to understand and overview complex systems
  • enjoys exploration - able to learn from code



  • experience in concurrent programming
  • experience in asynchronous programming
  • experience with using virtualization technologies  (KVM, VirtualBox, VMware)
  • understanding of Boost library, smart pointers, STL containers
  • experience in GDB, GIT, Bash, Python, Robot framework
  • experience in system testing
  • experience in developing clean code
  • understanding of Cloud Native, Microservices, DevOps
  • interest in leadership roles (Scrum Master, Team Leader or Technical leader roles, like System Manager, Architect)



We also assume that you

  • have flexible mindset and clear quality focus
  • are real team-player, open minded
  • are feeling homey in agile way of working,
  • have a clear customer focus.
  • open to learn, able to learn from failures
  • able to use multiple approaches
  • has an internal drive  to own  the product, to improve the product
  • good knowledge in English, both written and spoken



  • Flexible working hours
  • High standard working environment (recreation room, bicycle storage, several parking lots…)
  • Easily accessible location
  • Competitive compensation package, wide range of cafeteria elements, annual bonus
  • International career opportunities
  • Great team spirit, fun events
  • Professional communities
  • Extensive professional development opportunities
  • Subsidized language courses
  • Mobile with 4G, laptop
  • Local medical service
  • Relocation support



Ericsson House - 1117 Budapest, Magyar Tudósok Körútja 11.


What you need to know about Recruitment at Ericsson?


As a first step within our selection process, you will be asked to fill out our technical tests (C, C + +, Java, Networking, Testing skills, Linux, Basic Programming) based on your experience and preference to work in.

The candidates who best match the criteria for the position, will move on to the next step in the process – the interview.


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