Ericsson Careers

Lead Front End Engineer - TV Media Product - BMDA R&D

Bangalore, India

English (US)

Job Description

Date: Oct 11, 2018

Job Summary:

Ericsson Mediafirst organization is looking for engineers passionate about JavaScript and front-end technologies to join our Front-End Engineering team. 

As a lead engineer, you will not only be responsible for delivery of high-performing web experiences, but will be tasked with strategizing how our ongoing feature improvements come together. You will have tangible ownership over the direction of our web experience, and how it interacts with the rest of our technical ecosystem. 


•    Participate in defining and driving the next generation of front-end development on a cross-functional feature team
•    Collaborate closely with our design and UX team to create a code-driven system of patterns, steer technical feature planning, and defend the need for UI-focused technical work in a product prioritization setting
•    Collaborate on strategy as to how multiple teams’ feature work folds into a greater Front End eco-system
•    Work alongside back-end developers to create scalable solutions to front-end engineering challenges
•    Develop procedures to solve technical problems in a maintainable, pattern-driven way
•    Assist product managers and technical leads in project planning and driving technical direction
•    Share, mentor, and foster an environment where you and others can grow and share technical knowledge


Required Skill

·         10 + years with Web technologies 

·         Work Experince on TypeScript or ECMAScript 6 

·         HTML5 Canvas or WebGL or native graphics API experience 

·         Experience in media or TV is preferred 

·         Good, confident communication skills 

·         Ability to architect a piece, develop it all by yourself, and deliver it working for use by millions of people 

•         Opinion on responsive design techniques, progressive enhancement, and experience driving these techniques in a large team
•         Experience building and using JavaScript libraries and modules utilized by the engineering team