Packet Core System Management - SH

Job Description

Date: Sep 25, 2018

Position Summary

A System Engineer on system level (system management) and is the technically responsible of a specific system.

The system can be as small as a function area, a node, and a solution in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Network.

The purpose of the system management is to identify technical requirement on the system based on the business needs and opportunity and come up with system solution to meet the technical requirement.

Suitable candidate will initialy work with one node(i.e. SGSN-MME, EPG) in the EPC Network. Depending on the business needs candidate will be rotated to work on other nodes and solutions within the EPC.

For further details about Ericsson's Evolved Packet Core Network solutions, please visit our web site:


Responsibility and Tasks

Strategy and Plan

  • Act as the owner of 3PP technical evaluation, documentation and supply support
  • Analyze third party products for effective R&D operations
  • Perform system study upon customer requirements, provide high-level solution with modelling as well as rough cost estimation for the complete development
  • Maintain, improve and design system characteristics, act as the owner of System Characteristics
  • Produce System Development Plan according to commercial product roadmap
  • Participate in and lead the product committees and other technical meetings
  • Provide guidelines on how functions are deployed and ensure developed solutions are in accordance with defined system architecture
  • Participate in and contribute to activities of identifying product/business strategies and opportunities

Requirement Engineering

  • Define and manage technical requirement, act as the owner for technical requirement specification of the system
  • Analyze characteristics impact from the customer requirement
  • Design system characteristics for new product

System Design

  • Take the ownership of system design and system documentation
  • Define, maintain system architectures, act as the owner of System Architecture
  • Perform architecture review and propose architecture improvement and evolution
  • Design architecture for new system

Function Support

  • Be responsible for explanation and clarification for features of the released products
  • Support product managers to clarify the solution and participate in standardization activities (e.g. 3GPP, 3GPP2).
  • Support on projects regarding system issues, e.g. Act as Technical Coordinator as needed for complex development projects
  • Support the managers on competence development and resources planning
  • Act as the owner of technical product documentation and CPI
  • Provide technical sales support to Business Unit and Market Unit, e.g. RFX support, customer presentation, MU education
  • Act as contact interface regarding system issues, represent in external review/discussion, including customer discussions and workshops
  • Support manager to drive synergy between systems


  • Contribute and drive process development and improvement
  • Perform mentoring and coaching to the staff from both technical and non-technical aspects
  • Initiate improvements in applications, mechanisms, protocols, and product cost/performance and supply SPM with trend analysis
  • Initiate the activities of experiences and knowledge sharing


Competence Requirements

Competence means to acquire, use, develop, and share knowledge, skills and experience.

Three categories of competence are required for system engineer.

Business Competence

Competencies relevant to understand Ericsson's business and Customer orientation

  • Business understanding
  • Customer orientation
  • Ericsson knowledge (Plus)
  • English
  • Presentation Skills

Human Competence

Competencies relevant to interaction with people, for example, teamwork, communication skills and cultural awareness.

  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Approach to Change

Professional and Technical Competence

Competencies specific for a certain operation, occupation or task, for instance technical design, telecommunications and product knowledge.

  • Evolved Packet Core Products and Solutions
  • 3GPP/3GPP2, CCSA and other technical specifications/standards knowledge (EPC)
  • Software Development Process
  • Product Lifecycle Management Process
  • Tools
  • Project Process
  • General Technique