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PTD Developer

Nanjing, China
Supply Chain & Logistics

English (US)

Job Description

Date: Jun 5, 2018

Position Summary

PTD (Production Test Development) test developer is to work in, and contribute to the PTD projects in the test technology department. We are aiming to deliver cost efficient HW test system for mass production. This work must be performed in close cooperation with members of Ericsson PDU (Product Design Unit) and NPI (New Product Introduction) projects, as well as with members of Ericsson test development units that exist outside China; this position is to research, specify, implement, verify and maintain test system by:

  • Focusing on test SW development, test HW& SW integration and test solution implementation for Ericsson products;
  • Committing project cost and time-plan targets, as well as test-coverage, test-yield and test-time targets, within the PTD projects


Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Support PTD project manager for project integration work, such as budgeting, planning, target setting, risk analysis, technical study, etc.
  • Learn Ericsson product knowledge in PTD project and feedback to product design by focusing on product testability
  • Ensure that standard details and platform software modules are used when advantages are obtained
  • Use standardized design strategy and contribute common test software solution to platform
  • Be responsible for test system release according to project development process, cover the whole product life circle
  • Execute test solution implementation and test system integration
  • Actively contribute in test fault analysis and solve test related problem
  • Improve test system performance constantly, by focusing on test system stability and reliability


  • Good knowledge and experience with C# programming languages
  • Good knowledge of telecommunication and measurement instrumentation
  • Good problem analysis and solving skills
  • Proficient in English
  • Experience in telecommunication industry, know about wireless system and theory is a plus.
  • Experience in measurement system integration is a plus.
  • SW architecture ability is a plus.
  • Data statistic skill is a plus.